CCTV, Jetting & Root Cutting

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Whether it’s a business or domestic property. If you have repeat blockages, structural damage, damp or cracks in the walls, sunken landscaping or a rat infestation, our state of the art CCTV inspection systems will help identify the problem and find the solution.

CCTV, High Pressure Water Jetting and Root Cutting


CCTV drain surveys, are the ideal way to establish the cause and extent of a drainage problem quickly and visually or simply be given the confidence that the drainage system is in good condition. CCTV survey cameras will identify structural issues, part or complete collapses, root ingress, pipe scale, incorrect installation, blockages, displaced pipe joints, shared usage and much more, including leaks.

Jetting & Root Cutting

High pressure water jetting can remove accumulated grease, detergents, dirt and mineral deposits, many of which will have built up over many years. If tree roots are a problem then our specialist cutting heads, can remove roots and debris from any pipe diameter. Drain jetting can often be the most effective way of breaking up the blockage and washing it clear of the pipe.

Emergency Blockage Clearance:  We can attend any kind of drainage blockage, internal or external, domestic or business, with a 24 hour call out service available 7 days a week. Normally responding within 2 hours of your call. When an obstruction has been located one of our specialist jetting units will be used to clear the blockage.

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Public Sewer Services have been providing top quality drainage services across England for over 25 years. We provide an inhouse one stop solution for all aspects of water and drainage including traditional open cut excavation, tankering, CCTV, blockage clearance and root cutting.

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