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Feb 2020


We have recently ordered a new JetCam 40 from Optronic and we are looking forward to putting this new equipment through it’s paces. The JetCam 40 is Pipe cleaning system with steerable nozzle.

When Jetting we normally would have to either send a camera unit down for inspection and mark the distance of the blockage, before retrieving the camera and jetting “blind” or using a separate team to send a camera in from a different entry point meaning that we required to access points and more manpower. With the JetCam we can use the camera and jet from one access point and only use one team. This is going to be a real game changer for us and we can pass this benefit on to the customer by reducing cost and also saving time.

The other huge benefit is the steerability, which means you can actually steer into laterals and T-branches and even over obstacles. This just isn’t possible with conventional crawler based cameras, and being propelled by water means that it also cleans as it is moving.