What are the benefits of trenchless CIPP technologies vs excavation?

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Mar 2024

What are the benefits of trenchless CIPP technologies vs excavation?

A CCTV survey of your drainage will identify and code defects in your pipes. These defects could be to do with the location of your pipes, their condition, or the capacity. If any defects are identified these could lead to contaminated surface and foul water entering sewers and water courses, and/or operational downtime from blocked drains causing site flooding.

Depending on the severity of the defects these can either be rectified by trenchless, cured in place pipe (CIPP) technology, or via excavation. As a rule, we will always try to use a trenchless solution wherever possible.


With the volume of utilities in the ground these days the risk of service strike from excavation is significantly greater. This can at best be an inconvenience for an individual or collection of houses, or at worst lead to serious injury or death to a worker.


The volume of CO2 and waste generated from moving earth and removing and replacing pipes is significant. By remediating the existing pipework, its lifespan is significantly improved with limited waste.


Trenchless solutions are much faster to apply vastly reducing operational disruption on your site, meaning reduced downtime and less impact to revenue.


Aside from the reduced impact to revenue generation, trenchless, no-dig technologies are a cheaper alternative to excavation.

Both trenchless technologies and excavation will extend the lifespan of your drainage by 50+ years if installed to Water Industry Specification. We often get asked if the decrease in diameter will impact the flow capacity after relining. However, you can be reassured that the improvement in flow capacity (K factor) outweighs the loss in cross section.

A specialist drainage partner will help you to understand and identify issues with your drainage, before offering the most effective and cost-efficient solution.